Hani Mounla

About Me

A motivated Software Engineer with in-depth knowledge of programming languages and development tools, seeking a position in a growth-oriented enterprise where I can use my MVP Design pattern experience to develop scalable products and services.

Work Experience

Full Stack Engineer

Jun 2022 - Present Stealth Mode Startup – Dubai-DIFC

o Building the core functionality for a cutting edge fintech startup in Dubai's market.
o Working on open banking connectivity to handle bank payments on big scale that will enable businesses to seamlessly manage their payables and receivables through our platform.
o Utilizing Django framework to manage the backend for massive logic and APIs with Vue JS as front-end web framework.
o Train new employees and interns about the system and guide them through it.

Back-End Developer

May 2019 - Jul 2022 Kuwaitnet

o Working on big scale web apps for international clients and implement the required programming solutions for them.
o Applying Agile methodology for the software development process.
o Coordinating with DevOps and work on AWS to configure cloud services.
o Testing QA and monitor the deployment process for web apps.

Freelance programmer

Jan 2014 - Jan 2022 (8 yrs. 1 mo.)

o Programming and implementing the required software requested by the clients on different kinds of platforms and industries.
o Providing IT consultancy for systems and workflows requested by the clients.

Software Engineer

May 2019 - Dec 2020 (1 yr. 8 mos.) Hexabitz

Working on our software projects and implement the required solutions.

Full stack developer

Jan 2019 - Jun 2020 (1 yr. 6 mos.) ID

o Programming and designing websites required by our clients.
o Creating CMS for website backend managements.
o Applying modern UI for websites.


Sep 2018 - Present CVtk-Anna

Managing and Creating professional profiles for our customers, evaluating proofreading and working on the financial accounting.

Data Analyst

Aug 2017 - Feb 2018 Automata4

Creating and evaluating Business Dashboards for the required reports using Microsoft Power BI Service and Embedding them in the web suits.
Creating appropriate KPIs for each web suit that can help in the decision making progress.

Software Engineer

Jan 2016 - Aug 2017 Zahabi Co.

Programmed and implemented software to manage industrial products and sales system also worked in the field of Industrial programming that helped in the factories automation.

Volunteer Experience


Jan 2019 - Mar 2022 JCI Aleppo

Cloud Training instructor which is about how to use the G Suite in our daily life to make it easier.
Participating in community projects to preset social services on diffrent kind of levels and aspects


Feb 2018 - Jan 2022 Syria Trust for Development

Working in the field of Humanity, Personal Development.
Training new volunteers about life skills.
A 32-hour course on mobile apps developments using MIT App Inventor at Shabab center.
Data Visualization workshop for IT and Business Students at Shabab center.
Analyze and visualize data using MS Excel excel course with contract.
Big Data workshop at Shabab center.
Rehabilitation for Nubul & Alzahraa area after the war.
Responsible for the team of Information and reports in "Ekhtiyary Mostaqbali" campaign, the campaign about directing fresh high school graduate students about the universities studies and where would they end up working in their entire life.
Helped to analyze the data that's been gathered about the creation of "Athina cultural club" that's been held in the central library of "Manaret Al-Mohafaza".

Content Creator

Jun 2018 - Jul 2019 Business Solutions

Writing articles in arabic about information technology and how to use it in the world of business.

Technology Skills

As a Computer Engineer am working on technical skills and improve them on as much as I can.


Data Analysis & visualization

Machine Learning

Web Development

Personal Skills

As a human being I'd like to keep others people impressed by me and keep my connection with them.





What Can I Do:

web development

Web Development

If you have an idea for a website for your business or even your personal brand, I can create a fully operating and suitable website for you.


Mobile Apps Development

I can program and design a mobile application that could work both online and offline to serve your idea or functionality.

data analysis

Data Analysis & Reporting

If you got some data or a data drivin business and you want to conclude somthing from it, I can analyis diffrent kind of datasets using the best reporting and visualizing tools.


Training & Public Speaking

I'd like to share my knowledge and create training courses and presentations about diffrent kind of subjects.

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+971 50830 0540
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